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Redefining the Day Program Experience for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

New England Village (NEV) utilizes a highly individualized approach to day habilitation and offers two distinct, yet complementary programs to best meet the needs of all individuals served. The Efron Center for Enrichment (ECE) and the Sollar Wellness Center (SWC) were custom designed and built specifically for adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Located in beautifully landscaped settings, both offer bright and spacious group rooms, adapted computer labs, fitness rooms, training kitchens, outdoor patios and walking trails. The SWC has a 30 ft. x 50 ft. swimming pool that is utilized by both programs. The ECE offers a horticulture room and multi-sensory room. The programs operate Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm.

What is a Day Habilitation program?

Day Habilitation (or “Day Hab” as it is commonly referred to) is a Medicaid funded program of services for adults who are 22-years-of-age or older with a diagnosed developmental disability. Day Habs are designed to improve the functional abilities of their members. To that end, each person has a customized service plan based on individual learning ability, therapeutic needs and personal interests. Measurable goals and objectives are established and an integrated program of activities/therapies are prescribed to achieve the stated goals. Both of our day habs provide a practical approach to skill based programming with an emphasis on: developmental skills, gross and fine motor skills, life skills, communication skills and meaningful community participation.

  • Program Offerings include:

  • Fitness

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  • New England Village is committed to promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is a key component of daily programming. Fitness sessions focus on maintaining or improving cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength and flexibility through a variety of creative mediums. Participants utilize state-of-the-art fitness equipment specifically chosen to safely meet their unique fitness needs.

  • Horticulture

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  • Interactions with plants and the natural world have long been considered therapeutic to human beings in all stages of life. Our horticulture programs provide hands-on activities that stimulate the senses, while teaching skills in gardening and interior plant care; plant materials are used to create displays, crafts and aromatherapy products.

  • Art & Music

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  • Expressing oneself through art and music is an important creative and therapeutic outlet for many people. Focusing on each person’s abilities, members have the opportunity to explore self-expression through a wide variety of mediums and experiences. Participation in group projects promotes teamwork and the importance of collaboration, cooperation and community.

  • The concept of the ECE’s Oasis is simple: place a person in a pleasant environment where the distractions and demands of the outside world are completely absent, present them with soothing sounds, scents, attention grabbing moving colors, and then add the ability for members to choose activities that appeal to them, or allow them to simply relax and enjoy the experience. No matter the degree of disability, participants have been observed to become interested in their environment. The overactive can be calmed, the inactive become interested. The partially sighted can see the vivid moving colors. Visiting our Oasis is also an opportunity for staff and participants to simply experience something pleasant together, which has the effect of reducing the pressure and stress sometimes felt in normal day to day interactions.

  • Technology

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  • Both the ECE and SWC have computer labs that were specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of abilities. Work stations contain up-to-date adaptive equipment that modifies each PC/iPad to the specific needs of members. Cutting-edge software bolsters skills in the areas of communication and activities of daily living.

  • Aquatics

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  • An on-site swimming pool (SWC) and full service locker rooms make aquatic fitness fun and accessible for all participants. A certified Aqua Fitness Instructor and trained lifeguard ensure the safety of all members.

Our Staff

NEV’s day habilitation staff are experienced human service professionals, expertly trained in the field of developmental disabilities. Our staffing model includes (at a minimum): a Program Director; Service Manager; Registered Nurse; and paraprofessionals. With staff/member ratios of approximately 1:5, we are able to support the unique needs of all individuals through meaningful and enriched offerings. In addition, our programs have a number of specialists who develop and run activities in Art, Fitness, Aquatics, Horticulture and Music. OT, PT and Speech-Language therapists support members on a consultative basis.

Admissions Criteria

Our funding source is primarily MassHealth and private pay, and referrals come to us from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Mass Commission for the Blind (MCB), private insurance companies and local communities. A thorough admissions process is utilized, which includes a comprehensive review of each referral and a required tour and site visit. We work collaboratively with the funding/referral source and family/guardian of each potential member to determine appropriateness. Members are required to meet all documentation/admission standards established by the referral source.

To tour our programs or enroll, please contact our Director of Day Habilitation Services at
781-422-3474 x1105

The Efron Center for Enrichment
35 Independence Rd.
Kingston, MA 02364

The Sollar Wellness Center
664 School St.
Pembroke, MA 02359