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Resident enjoying workIf you are a businessperson, you can make a difference by providing the dignity of work to a Village resident or an individual with a developmental disability from the community. You, in turn, will be provided with a very dedicated and well-trained employee.

NEV Day Services maintains an active individual training and placement department. Under our staff’s supervision, pre-screened workers are trained to meet your specific requirements for pre-existing positions.

To facilitate successful placements, NEV Day Services provides the following:

  • Workers appropriately matched to your job specifications

  • Job coaching and follow-up support as necessary

  • Transportation

  • Permanent placements arranged at your request

“My workers are fantastic.
They are interested in their jobs, they are hard workers and a pleasure to work with.”
-- Paul Vercollone, Vice President
VERC Enterprises Plymouth, MA

For more information, contact: Director of Employment Supports, NEV Day Services, at (781) 447-4413, ext. 103.