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although simplistic, no other word describes New England Village quite as well. It is truly the foundation upon which all our programs and services have been built. And, while New England Village is a community of many different people, this place has a singular spirit, a familial feel.

Surrounded by 80 acres of silent pine forest and located just 35 miles south of Boston, each of our homes is uniquely designed and staffed to support the individual needs of the people who breathe life into their structures.  Residents who require the most direct assistance live in houses with 24-hour awake supervision.  For individuals with moderate needs, there are homes with live-in staff and greater independence in household activities is encouraged.  Semi-independent living arrangements are available for people with higher skills who are ready for a more autonomous, yet guided, way of life.  Collectively, these homes contribute to the sense of vibrancy and camaraderie that is characteristic of campus living.

Ours is a lifestyle that builds self-esteem by building confidence, in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.  The men and women of our Village share more than a living space – they share a clear sense of belonging, of home.

Our Staff

Question: What is the #1 thing that sets New England Village apart from other residential options?

Answer: Our staff

There is no question that NEV’s committed and supportive staff is what makes our Village exceptional. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to create a respectful, energizing and nurturing environment for our residents. Each of the houses has a manager who supervises staff and oversees services in that home and every resident has his/her own staff advocate, who is responsible for ensuring that he/she receives appropriate support and care

Recognizing how integral good staff is to the well-being of the individuals we serve, New England Village’s management and board of directors has made a commitment to being the Human Services “Employer of Choice” in our region.

This is being accomplished by offering:

  1. Very competitive wages and benefits

  2. Comprehensive staff training programs and career advancement opportunities

  3. A balance in job responsibilities, so staff can spend quality time with the individuals they support

  4. Regular, positive recognition for a job well done

Clearly this is a win-win situation, as more than 30% of Village staff has been with NEV for 10 years or more.

Other Residential Supports

In addition to the support our residents receive from their house staff, they also have access to the following services and activities:

Therapeutic Supports

  • Psychiatry

  • Counseling

  • Nutritional Services

  • Speech/Language Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

Nursing and Medical Supports

  • A Health Services Coordinator (RN) and a LPN

  • Medical Case Management

  • Local Primary Care Physicians and an extensive network of Boston area specialists just 35 miles away

Leisure Activities

To complement and enhance the day program activities of Village residents and to further involve individuals from the community in Village life, NEV offers a wide variety of evening and weekend enrichment activities and adult education classes. These offerings are designed to accommodate varied interests and diverse learning styles and thus are accessible to all skill levels.